The Bitter Orange Distillery

Citrus was brought to Genoa during the crusades. It was cultivated  in Genoa for its medicinal qualities and given to sailors to combat scurvy. Citrus was exported from the historic Port; Christopher Columbus introduced the citrus to America in the 15th century. 

Citrus is a versatile plant, its flowers, leaves and peel are used widely in the perfume industry, while floral blossom water, the peel and flesh can also be used in cookery. Typically, Italian regions are characterised by their specific citrus and this is a principle economy, the labour creating new jobs, exports earning the region money and attracting tourism. 

Following the industrial decline of Genoa, the city’s primary economy has declined. In recent years there has been an attempt to rebrand and to attract new tourism. The heart of the riveria, Genoa is the central point of the Lingurian coastline. The strategy has been focused on destination and cultural branding as Genova European Capital of Culture in 2004 and promotion the Rolli Palaces and the UNESCO World Heritage City Centre. 

As part of rebranding the city,  along with the new masterplan, this project aims to revitalise the lost tradition of citrus cultivation in Genoa. The following proposing a specialist orange grove distillery including a citrus garden, an essential oil distillery, orangery kitchen, bespoke guest accommodation and a dedicated spa. 



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