Genoa Masterplan

Genoa has suffered from a loss of identity following industrial decline of the historic port. The rise in unemployment has caused the population to migrate following more prevalent job opportunities. A city constrained between the mountains and sea has become disconnected from the natural surroundings through sprawl of the built environment. This tension has had catastrophic consequences of natural disasters such as landslides, forest fires and floods.

The aim of this masterplan is to release this tension, by designing a managed flood strategy that relieves the area from flood risk but also re-establishes the historic connection between water, land and city. The re-imagining of the Bisagno Valley and its position within the city, creates a new identity for Genoa and acts as a catalyst for change. A new offer to the Genoese residences, improving the city connectivity and encouraging new industry with Genoa as the heart of the Riviera.

The locale for the masterplan is the River Bisagno. Currently dry for 10 months of the year, the valley has flooded causing catastrophic floods to the surrounding residential area. This is mainly due to the most southern part being covered up, blocking the route to the open sea.

Below is a film created by our group detailing our study trip to Genoa, the issues the city faces and the masterplan locale.

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