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I’ve been creating prints for family and friends for years and now am trying something new and will post updates using this platform.

Above is my first collection that capture memories from my trip to Namibia at the beginning of 2020 and before the pandemic. I took photos while on safari in Etosha National Park. This was a big trip for me as it was my first solo travel and first time travelling in Africa. It was therapeutic to create these illustrations while in lockdown and reminisce of better times.

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Brexit : The Architect’s Opportunity?

I want to discuss Brexit in relation to the architectural profession, the role of architects as visionaries and speculate on how this might all play out. It’s a different perspective on Brexit, I promise. Background In my career so far, I have felt frustrated. Architectural education creates the beautiful illusion that architecture will change the [...]

Cedric Price : Events in Time

During my MArch I became interested in the work of Cedric Price. Despite his most famous projects not being built, Cedric Price is an increasingly influential figure in architect today. There is an expanse of literature written, not only about his projects, but also discussing his thoughts on the role of architecture in society, the [...]